Former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said that Paul Ryan’s Medicare reform would hurt his father who survived lung cancer — an attack that unfortunately echoes the Obama super PACs suggestion that Mitt Romney caused a woman to die of cancer.

“You’re going to hand out vouchers to seniors . . . you’re going to hand one to my father who is 83, who is a lung cancer survivor and has far different medical needs than his former White House staffing son does at 41.” Gibbs told MSNBC’s Chuck Todd.

Todd corrected Gibbs — “Republicans would say, ‘your father’s not going to get that, because they wouldn’t do anything [to his Medicare]‘” — but the former White House aide chose to suggest that Ryan is lying about his intentions for Medicare.

“I wouldn’t trust Republicans on Medicare as far as I could throw them,” Gibbs said.

Ryan’s Medicare reform proposal does not change Medicare for anyone 55 or older. It allows people under the age of 55 to decide if they want to stay in the current system of Medicare or move to a premium support system.

Priorities USA Action, Obama’s designated super PAC, suggested that Romney was responsible for a woman’s death by cancer in a video that CNN’s Wolf Blitzer found to be “full of falsehoods.”