I mean, we're not Facebook friends, but I know her.....   (ap photo)

Yikes! House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took rather a dim view of Robert Gibbs saying Republicans could win the House this year. Several reports from last night's closed Democratic House Caucus meeting quote Pelosi as saying the White House press secretary has no idea what is going on in House districts, and sniffing that she doesn't even know him.

That, in Washington-speak, is a political death-blow. Do. Not. Know.

Gibbs=gum on shoe! 

At today's White House briefing, Gibbs tried to do some damage control, saying he had nothing to add to his remarks from Sunday's "Meet the Press" revelation, but that ahem, he thinks the Democrats will keep the House and Senate this year.

Still, questions persist:

QUESTION: In one report, she was paraphrased as saying of you, "I don't know who this guy is. I've never met him before." That's literally true, right?

GIBBS: We have met before.


QUESTION: How would you describe your relationship with the speaker?

GIBBS: Cordial. I mean, I don't -- I have not seen that report, but -- so I don't have anything (inaudible).

What a day for indignities!