A Georgia GOP member of the Electoral College who spoke out against Donald Trump has resigned his position as an elector.

Baoky Vu, the Republican businessman who indicated he might dump Trump as an elector, decided to resign, as the Associated Press first reported. In a joint statement with the Georgia Republican Party, Vu reportedly said he has "not lost faith" in his party and recognized his remarks would be "detrimental" to his party.

Had Vu stayed and opposed Trump — as he said he planned to do at the ballot box in November — he would have become a faithless elector. Georgia is one of 21 states that allow faithless electors, which are members of the Electoral College who do not vote for their party's designated candidate.

No election has yet been decided by faithless electors, but there have been 157 occasions of faithless electors since the start of the Electoral College, according to the nonprofit organization FairVote.

GOP attorneys are reportedly looking at how to replace Vu.