We missed this earlier in the week, but the Georgetown Dish is hoping that Aaron Sorkin will make a trip to the D.C. neighborhood while researching for the film, "The Politician," based on Andrew Young's tell-all tome about John Edwards. Edwards, you see, is a former Georgetown resident and reached out to Sorkin to tell his side of the story. "Whatever the case, it's a good excuse for Sorkin to do research in Georgetown, where Edwards lived and where his daughter Cate bought a $1.3 million home two years ago," the Dish writer the G'Town Saucer writes. "Sorkin has spent significant time in Georgetown doing research for his hit TV drama The West Wing and, for the big screen, The American President. It doesn't hurt that Sorkin's good friend and fellow auteur, the New York Times' Maureen Dowd, is a famous denizen, too," the writer adds.