Nothing says "viral meme" quite like fracking.

Yes, hydraulic fracturing, the process of injecting water and other chemicals into layers of rock to release natural gas and oil trapped deep inside, is getting the viral treatment from the North Texans for Natural Gas group.

The group set up a website called that seems to play on the popular news and culture website Buzzfeed. Among the sections on the website are "Quizzes," "Memes" and "Listicles."

The website gained attention Monday with the release of a spoof campaign video that positioned fracking as a presidential candidate in 2016. The video credits fracking for saving the American economy following the economic crisis, helps reduce carbon emissions and is "feared and respected in the Middle East."

"What if I told you the best candidate was not the one who talks about powering people but the one who already does," the video asks.

The website also contains headlines touting fracking's economic benefits.

Frackfeed was widely shared on Twitter Monday afternoon and was promptly laughed at by some in the media for its clear pandering to teens.