Gary Johnson will not be putting on his boxing gloves any time soon, as the Libertarian presidential nominee refused Thursday to attack his Republican or Democratic rivals on social media.

"We're not gonna throw rocks," Johnson told MSNBC Live host Stephanie Ruhle, referring to himself and running mate, former Mass. Gov. Bill Weld. "Both of us made names for ourselves by not throwing rocks at the opponents — really it should be about policy. It should be about an optimistic view of the future."

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have engaged in sniping on Twitter, typically with Trump tweeting a line about Clinton only to have her camp troll him in response. The media has covered every move to the point where much of recent election coverage has focused not on policy issues, but on their slams of each other.

Johnson, the former New Mexico governor, said he will continue to take the high road, adding that his campaign's positive messaging in recent weeks of attacks between Trump and Clinton has already netted new supporters for the alternative candidates.

"Making or breaking the campaign is doing what we're doing right now, and right now we're reaching 25 million people on social media, which is like a 100 percent increase in just the last month," Johnson said.

He added that receiving an endorsement from a former or current lawmaker would be "really hard," but not key for increasing his poll numbers to be eligible to compete in the fall debates.