While the Republican, Democratic, Libertarian and Green parties have all selected their nominees, a party based in the fictional continent of Westeros is still in the process of choosing its presidential candidate.

Earlier this month, the YouTube account for HBO's "Game of Thrones" released a video for its #GOT2016 campaign, providing yet another alternative to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

"For those who feel left out, for those that don't see their banner on the ballot, for those who don't like how the game is played: We demand strong leaders who stand for those who sacrifice, who know what it means to rise from nothing, who won't hesitate to break the game," the video declared.

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Four GoT Party tickets are in the middle of an epic battle for party supremacy, which just ratcheted up its intensity today with the release of campaign advertisements for each candidate.

While fans have until Sept. 1 to cast their vote for their favorite fake candidates, here is a breakdown of each ticket's strengths and weaknesses (spoilers for season six):

1) Breaker of Chains: Daenerys Targaryen/Tyrion Lannister (32 percent)

Strengths: Commands a powerful army, including dragons; allied with two other powerful Westorosi houses, Tyrell and Martell; has a strong team of advisers; is fire-resistant; vice president has connections to the most powerful house in Westeros, the Lannisters.

Weaknesses: Diminutive sizes; arrogance; the vice president has a tendency to overdo it on the wine.

Best line of the campaign ad: "I bring you a choice, and I bring your enemies what they deserve."

2) The White Wolf: Jon Snow/Lyanna Mormont (32 percent)

Strengths: Expert swordsman; has overcome death; has plenty of military experience; personally killed White Walkers; vice president is an excellent speaker, having rallied the entire North around her running mate.

Weaknesses: Knows nothing; was once killed by his underlings; vice president is very young and inexperienced.

Best line of the campaign ad: "This isn't about friendship. This is about survival."

3) Lord Littlefinger: Petyr Baelish/Sansa Stark (35 percent)

Strengths: Possibly the most cunning person in Westeros; has access to a large army; excellent manipulator; compelling public speaker; rags-to-riches narrative; vice president is member of powerful family and not afraid to take revenge on her enemies.

Weaknesses: Has a thing for younger women; has ambition beyond just the presidency; untrustworthy; vice president has been known to make poor alliances.

Best line of the campaign ad: "Some believe power is born. Others know it is earned."

4) The Lioness: Cersei Lannister/Qyburn (1 percent)

Strengths: Currently sits on Iron Throne; member of most powerful family in Westeros; gets results; not afraid to resort to violence; vice president is a noted scientist who may or may not have re-animated a dead man.

Weaknesses: Sex scandal with brother; three children have died under her watch; cannot control anger; vice president is creepy beyond belief.

Best line of campaign ad: "Show them what Lannisters are, what we do to our enemies."