The well-being of black Americans, which began to surge at the end of the Bush administration and reached a high in 2010, has plummeted ever since while white Republicans, Asians and Hispanics have thrived, according to a new Gallup index.

The survey said that blacks who describe themselves as thriving has dropped from near 60 percent in 2010 to 53.2 percent, the lowest of the four racial categories tested.

Gallup blamed the drop on other survey results that indicated African Americans don't believe President Obama has done enough for them during his second term, which they helped to deliver.

Said Gallup, "blacks' life evaluations have waned in Obama's second term, averaging below 54 percent each year since 2013 and now registering below that of whites and Hispanics. These results dovetail with blacks' collective sentiment that Obama has not done enough to improve black Americans' standard of living."

The study found one group that is thriving much better in Obama's second term: White Republicans.

"Obama's second term," said Gallup on Tuesday, "shows an improvement in whites' life evaluations — particularly those of white Republicans — and corresponding declines among blacks and black Democrats during a period when the presidency did not change. This finding suggests that some improvements in the economy after the Great Recession have likely played a more significant role in the overall gains that have been measured."

See the full survey here.

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