If Donald Trump wins Georgia, one Republican elector might withhold his electoral vote.

Baoky Vu, a Republican businessman and naturalized U.S. citizen, told the Atlanta Journal Constitution he would not vote for Trump in the general election and indicated he might not support Trump as an elector either.

"I have the right to vote for a write-in candidate in the electoral college," Vu told AJC. Georgia is one of 21 states that allow for faithless electors.

Vu provided a full statement to AJC that better explained his thinking about whether he would stick with Trump.

"This is the Republican Party of Lincoln and Reagan and Romney and Ryan, not the Party of Donald Trump," Vu said in the statement. "As a 2016 Presidential Elector, I am forever grateful to our state party and our chairman for bestowing this once-in-a-lifetime honor on me. I take my role seriously and in the face of the difficult choice before us, I will always put America first over party and labels."

He continued, "Rather than earning the American people's respect and trust through the duration of the past year, Donald Trump's antics and asinine behavior has cemented my belief that he lacks the judgment, temperament and gravitas to lead this nation. Throughout the process, he has hurled insults at our heroes and their families, denigrated the disabled and praised dictators. Forget political incorrectness, this is simply despicable demagoguery."

Vu also offered a few words of advice for fellow Republicans, including those lining up loyally behind Trump.

"[P]olitics should be [an] honorable sport," Vu said. "Rather than fighting to defend the indefensible, let's live to fight another day."

If the election is close enough, Vu's actions could deny Trump a crucial electoral vote.