FX anthology series "American Crime Story" will switch gears from the O.J. Simpson murder trial to Hurricane Katrina for its second season, and it's going to feature some prominent political figures involved in the New Orleans tragedy.

Executive Producer Ryan Murphy told the Hollywood Reporter Wednesday that the series will be casting, among others, former President George W. Bush and his secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice.

The show will also feature then-New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin and then-Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco, according to Murphy.

"It's an amazing tragedy that you cannot believe happened in America. But along with the overwhelming horribleness and sadness, you also have amazing stories of [people] coming together," Murphy told THR. "We're laying into what do you do when you're in a city and your government has abandoned you.

"You get out by climbing up and pulling up people with you, and to a large degree that's what the miniseries is about. It's not just what happened but heroic stories about people surviving — or in some cases, dying helping others."

Both Bush and Rice were criticized at the time of Katrina's devastation for not doing more to provide aid to those most affected by the hurricane and help the people of New Orleans recover from the damage.

The first season of "American Crime Story" focused on O.J. Simpson's murder trial and featured portrayals of those involved in the media circus, including Robert Kardashian, Marcia Clark and Johnnie Cochran.