The embattled Democratic incumbent governor of Illinois, Pat Quinn, takes a jab at his opponent, but it seems to hit the Democrats’ Senate nominee hardest:

CHICAGO (AP) — Gov. Pat Quinn says people who hold statewide or legislative offices should pay income taxes. Quinn’s comments Wednesday follow revelations that both Democratic senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias (jeh-NOO’-lee-ehs), the Illinois treasurer, and Quinn’s Republican opponent, state Sen. Bill Brady, didn’t pay federal income taxes last year. Giannoulias wound up not paying any taxes because of losses related to his family’s now failed bank. Brady, a real estate developer, had no taxable income in 2008 but paid state income taxes last year. Giannoulias is due refunds on about $30,000 in state and federal income taxes that were withheld last year. He has promised to donate that to charity. Quinn says the people of Illinois would be a good charity.

To be fair, Giannoulias took big tax losses from his family bank’s failure (for which he takes and deserves much responsibility). But it certainly seems fair to point out the hypocrisy of candidates who want to raise taxes but don’t pay them, considering the eagerness of so many on the Left to needle conservatives who disgrace the family-values mantle.