OK if you want to watch or listen to live Men's Semi Finals then your options are ESPN2, ESPN3 and Radio Wimbledon. Fans can see or hear the Novak Djokovic and Tomas Berdych opener at home, work or anywhere without any problem.

The main match of the day Rafael Nadal vs Andy Murray will be available on Radio Wimbledon at (www.wimbledon.org) only and then you will be able to see it at noon on NBC.(Broadband on Wimbledon.org).

If you are a TRUE tennis fan I recommend that you join me online listening to Radio Wimbledon. They do such a great job of calling the action and also getting in all the fun details. The gang are really passionate about tennis and they also are very interactive via Twitter at @RadioWimbledon or via email at studio@aeltc.com

Most of the Tweets and emails are addressed by the commentators and they enjoy both questions and comments. 

Now I know NBC is taking a great deal of grief for tape delaying the semi finals and while I am not defending the networks stance I do understand why it happens.

They use the tape delay because the casual fan loves Wimbledon and it is like the Olympics, Wimbledon is a brand that brings the out causal fans in droves. 

So noon is just fine and the network can build an afternoon full of tape tennis that will get good ratings and entertain the causal fan. The rub is the hardcore fan who is used to having their sports live no matter what time of day or night.

I love the  tennis broadcast team of  Ted Robinson, John McEnroe and Mary Carillo, with interviews and essays from Jimmy Roberts. They are the gold standard of tennis broadcasting and make tennis entertaining to the casual or hardcore fans.

This is a programming issue not a production issue.     

So the folks at NBC should show sports live I do think that even the casual fan would watch and they need only to checkout the World Cup ratings to see.