NEW YORK (AP) — A month into the beginning stages of outfitting New York's subway system with Wi-Fi, residents say they're using it.

The city transit system along with Transit Wireless and Boingo Wireless are providing free wireless in six stations. Both companies see it as a great way to advertise. Google Offers is the first to sponsor free Wi-Fi.

Emily Langmead (LAYNG'-meed) is happy to be able to check her email in the subway. And others, like Melissa Cardona-Bodhert (kar-DOH'-nuh BOHD-hurt) are glad they can connect in emergencies.

And although Google Offers' sponsorship officially ends on Sept. 6, it could continue. Boingo and Transit Wireless said they have other sponsors in the pipeline, in case it doesn't.

Thirty more stations are expected to be wired by the end of the year.