On Fox News this afternoon, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins told host Megyn Kelly that he believed the shooting yesterday that injured a guard at the group’s DC headquarters fit the definition of domestic terrorism:

I spent about five years working with the State Department on anti-terrorism back in the 90s and training foreign police officers in anti-terrorism, so I’m somewhat familiar with what terrorism is. Terrorism is designed to intimidate and to drive people back and make them fearful. That, I believe, would describe what they tried to do yesterday here at the Family Research Council and by extension to traditional values supporters, (and) Christians across the nation. But I want to tell you, it is not work. We are not going anywhere. We are more committed today than we were yesterday, to defending and advancing faith, family and freedom here in our nation’s capitol. We’ll continue to be a voice for people across the nation who share these concerns and these values.

Note that Perkins said: “That, I believe, would describe what they tried to do yesterday.” There is no evidence thus far that anybody worked with the alleged shooter, Floyd Lee Corkins. So, was the “they” a slip of the tongue?