FOX had a great weekend to go along with their great season. They will host the Super Bowl in Dallas and the ratings for the Divisional Playoffs were up to record levels.

Here are the numbers.

Through three telecasts, the 2011 NFC PLAYOFFS on FOX are averaging a 19.4/35 (34.1 million viewers). That’s +1% better than last year’s 19.2/36 (33.3 million viewers) and ranks as FOX’s highest-rated NFL postseason since 2004 (19.7/37), and currently ranks as the network’s most-watched ever according to Nielsen Media Research.

Saturday’s Divisional matchup between the Green Bay Packers and the Atlanta Falcons was watched by 30.8 million viewers and scored a 17.0/29 household rating/share.  Viewership for Packers/Falcons is up 10% over last year’s comparable Saturday divisional game (Arizona/New Orleans) and +6% in rating (vs. 16.1/32).  Saturday night’s matchup is FOX’s most-watched telecast in either window since 1996 (Green Bay/San Francisco, 32.0 million viewers).

Milwaukee led all metered markets with an incredible 51.0/74, followed by Atlanta with a 35.8/52.

FOX’s Sunday NFC Divisional matchup between the Seattle Seahawks and Chicago Bears averaged a solid 19.1/39 (32.5 million viewers). Though that’s down -13% from last year’s 22.0/44 (37.7 million viewers) for Dallas/Minnesota, it’s up +2% over 2009’s 18.7/38 (31.4 million viewers) for Eagles/Giants. Chicago led all markets with a 43.2/74, the highest NFL on FOX rating in Chicago (excluding the Super Bowl) since 2007’s NFC Champ Game (46.1/74), while Seattle averaged a 38.2/71.