Hillary Clinton and Sen. Tim Kaine have a healthy lead over Donald Trump and Gov. Mike Pence following the Democratic National Convention last week, according to a national poll Fox News released late Wednesday.

The former secretary of state has a 10-point advantage over the billionaire businessman. Forty-nine percent of registered voters said they would pick the Democratic ticket compared with 39 percent who preferred the Republicans in a hypothetical matchup, the July 31-Aug. 2 poll found.

It's the first time that Fox News has polled the two presidential tickets against each other, indicating Clinton's Virginia running mate may be faring better with unsure voters than Trump's Midwestern pick.

Clinton gained 5 points since the last Fox News poll in late June, likely a bump from the Philadelphia convention last week. Trump gained 1 point since last month, but Clinton's considerable jump, while standard after conventions, may indicate that undecided voters are making up their minds to support her.

Trump's struggling with members of his own party. A net 12 percent of GOP members back Clinton compared to 5 percent of Democrats who support Trump.

The telephone survey had a 3 percent margin of error.