The clock is ticking down on funding for staffers who worked for former Chairman Kwame Brown and at least one has announced she is officially parting ways this week.

Tatiana Morales-Torres emailed her colleagues Monday announcing that day was her last day with D.C. Council after two years of service. Torres, who was a close aide to Brown, thanked the former chairman in the email obtained by The Washington Examiner. She was picked up by At-large Councilman Michael Brown's office for the remainder of the fiscal year after her former boss resigned in June.

"Personally, I would like to thank former Chairman Kwame Brown and the team that work alongside him for giving me the opportunity to serve with such a spectacular and hardworking group of people that I will never forget," Torres wrote. "I would also like to thank Councilmember Michael Brown and Team Brown for all of their support over the past couple of months."

The fiscal year ends Sept. 30. At least two other aides to the former chairman are still serving on D.C. Council staffs.

Torres adds that the "last two years have been a life changing experience and I am honored to have met and worked with some of the best individuals in this city." She also thanks the council members and others she worked with for their kindness and understanding.

No word on where she's going next.