Former Bush administration official Carlos Gutierrez is the latest prominent Republican to endorse Hillary Clinton, citing concerns that Donald Trump would be an economic "disaster" and change the U.S. for the worse.

Gutierrez, a Cuban-American who served as commerce secretary under George W. Bush, told CNN's Jake Tapper on Sunday that he "made the switch away from Trump" the week the Republican presidential nominee attacked a federal judge's Mexican heritage.

"That, for me, did it," said Gutierrez. "I don't want to go back to a country where if a child has a Spanish last name, the president, the leader of the country has given kids a license to bully them."

Still, Gutierrez said he was careful to consider "the totality of the picture" before he chose to publicly endorse Clinton.

"I'm not thinking about a Republican, I'm thinking about a U.S. citizen. I think at some point you have to put party aside and figure what is best for the country," Gutierrez told Tapper, adding that he doesn't "want to live in a society that I think Donald Trump would create."

He continued, "One option is to not vote, and I had that option, but I think that is letting ourselves off the hook. I actually think Hillary Clinton has the experience, she's been around, she knows how the system works. She'd make a darn good president."

Gutierrez, a former Jeb Bush supporter, also said that Trump's economic policies could be disastrous for the nation.

"I am a proud free enterprise guy. I believe in trade. I believe in free enterprise. Secretary Clinton talked a lot about, in her economic speech, new business formation — that is the core of our growth," he noted.

"I haven't heard an economic concept come out of Trump's mouth except for protectionism and lower taxes. You put those two together, that is a recipe for disaster," Gutierrez said.