Have you been angry about something this past week? "Progressives" would think that the general public was angry about something Sarah Palin said such as using the "blood libel" phrase which is often used to describe a whole host of unfair charges. However, there is something that is currently getting little play in the media that is truly infuriating the public...rising gasoline prices. The upward creep in prices seems to have increased its rate of climb in recent days. Gasoline prices that just a few weeks ago seemed outrageously high suddenly appear to be quite reasonable. Many of you have your own "secret" gas station where you are sure the gasoline prices have somehow resisted the general rise. You drive several miles out of your way to reach that oasis of low prices and...you find out that the prices there pretty much match the intolerable prices of all the other gas stations.

This is why I would love to be present when liberal pollsters question people about their views on Sarah Palin at a gas station. The polling interviews would probably go something like this:

"Sir, while you are pumping your gas, I would like to ask you about your views on Sarah Palin. What do you think about the latest outrage in which Palin said..."

"Yes, yes, I know the price of gas is becoming intolerable but can we get back to Sarah Palin for a moment..."

"You're worried about gas prices hitting $4 or even $5 per gallon? Okay but that has nothing to do with Sarah Palin so can we..."

"Sir, I'm afraid we are just going to have to terminate this interview if you continue to obsess about gas prices."

"For the last time what do you think about what Sarah Palin said on the subject of..."

"Okay, that's it. Since you refuse to answer my Sarah Palin questions I am going to interview another customer at this gas station."

"...Sir, when you quit punching that gas pump and loudly cursing it out, may I take a few moments to ask you about Sarah Palin?"