A Brooklyn, N.Y.-based design studio is making America great again by giving ordinary citizens a chance to own a little piece of Donald Trump.

FCTRY has created a doll that looks like the Republican nominee, only this doll has a middle finger flipped straight up to the sky. While Trump has never given the finger on the campaign trail, the designer found the gesture appropriate as a symbol of the Republican nominee's disdain for political correctness.

The doll will be available for pre-ordering Aug. 31 and will be made in China, a manufacturing move the company boldly defended.

"Yes, these action figures will be made in China. But seriously, can everyone just shut up about that already? The fact is that China manipulates their currency so much that it makes it almost impossible for American companies to compete," FCTRY wrote on its website.

The billionaire businessman has pledged to uphold America's immigration laws and bring back jobs to the U.S. FCTRY did not comment on Trump's policy positions, but said it will send an undisclosed portion of profits to Border Angels, a group that assists people attempting to illegally enter the U.S. from Mexico.

"Part of the profit from every Trump Action Figure will go to Border Angels, a pretty worthless charity that should probably get shut down because it provides illegal Mexican immigrants with drinking water and medical assistance, which they really should have to pay for themselves. But we think it's a good PR move so we'll send them some money. Whatever. You're welcome," the company added.

FCTRY made a name for itself after launching its Bernie Sanders action figure during the primary season. The company has also produced dolls of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and President Obama.