Florida Gov. Rick Scott will be waiting for Congress when it returns from the seven-week recess on Sept. 6, and he will ask for immediate funding to stop the Zika virus.

Scott said 43 people in Florida have gotten the virus via local transmission since Congress left Washington last month. A majority of the cases stemmed from a Miami neighborhood and single cases in the Tampa Bay and Palm Beach areas.

"The Zika virus demands immediate federal action and I will impress upon our congressional members the urgency to protect our residents and visitors," he said.

Congress left last month without approving a $1.1 billion package to fight the Zika virus. The package passed the House but was held up in the Senate over objections from Democrats.

Democratic senators objected to no funding for Planned Parenthood clinics in Puerto Rico, which has been hit hard by the virus, and taking money from Obamacare programs. About $720 million of the $1.1 billion package is taken from new programs and the rest is in new funding.

As cases of local transmission started to emerge in Miami a few weeks ago, Democrats called on Republicans to end the recess early and return to approve Zika funding. Democrats called for Republicans to approve President Obama's $1.9 billion Zika request that he made in February.

Republicans have said they are open to coming back early, but only if Democrats drop objections to the $1.1 billion package.

Zika, which causes a mild illness in most people but also causes birth defects, is primarily spread via mosquito bites.