During the Democratic National Convention in August, the Washington Examiner caught up with disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., to talk about the possibility of a future mayoral run – potentially against someone in the Trump family.

"New Yorkers know [Trump's] a phony, he's a failure … he's not a straight talker, he's just a blowhard xenophobic racist," Weiner told the Examiner.

"If I were going to come out of my forced retirement, it would be to beat anyone named Trump," Weiner said in a later interview. "If no one else steps up I would have fun beating him."

"Who would want to brand anything with 'Trump?" Weiner asked. "He's done. The only thing that was left of the Trump business was a TV show that was wildly overrated and putting his name on stuff. Now no one would pay for either one of those things."

And the former congressman concluded the interview with a "Weiner out."