In 1996, the Clinton administration taught a lesson in fireworks safety that will never be forgotten — mostly because the dated piece has been elevated to legendary status, like a B-movie that accidentally becomes a classic film.

The chair of President Clinton's Consumer Product Safety Commission, Ann Brown, stood on the National Mall surrounded by dolls and mannequins that were subsequently burned or blown up to show the dangers of fireworks.

A sparkler is lit that starts a fire on a dolls dress, which quickly burns.

Bottle rockets are placed in the pants pocket of a mannequin, and lit. A dummy's hand is blown up with an M-80. And a mannequin teenager who appears to be study for a fake final exam is blown to bits by a quarter stick of dynamite.

"At CPSC, we hope you will enjoy the freedom of the holiday, without the fear of injury," Brown concluded after a 20-minute demonstration that left the Mall looking like a disaster area.