First Lady Michelle Obama led a healthy foods initiative designed to improve student lunches, but school administrators fear the new government rules will irritate parents and students alike.

For one thing, the small portions might not satisfy the hungry students. “They will notice a smaller burger and more vegetables,” Holly Von Seggern, vice president of marketing for a food company that serves New York school districts, predicted to Levittown Patch.

“As parents, we try to prepare decent meals, limit how much junk food our kids eat, and ensure they have a reasonably balanced diet,” Mrs. Obama said last year, as the Huffington Post noted. “And when we’re putting in all that effort the last thing we want is for our hard work to be undone each day in the school cafeteria.”

To that end, the new school meals will have “calorie caps” for students and rules for the kinds of food provided, per Huffington Post.

“Some school leaders said they expect some children and, in turn, their parents, will find the portions insufficient for hungry teenagers,” Patch added.