Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina slammed Planned Parenthood Sunday for its controversial fetal organ and tissue donation policy, calling it a "moral" issue and saying that the majority of people "are horrified" by the undercover videos.

"Once again, I'm pro-life as you know but there are plenty of pro-choice women who are horrified by this as they should be," said Fiorina on "Fox News Sunday." "The fact that these officials can sit here swilling their wine, eating their salad, laughing over getting a Lamborghini and talk about specimens of fetal tissue, I find horrifying and the majority of Americans do as well."

"This has nothing to do with whether you're pro-choice or pro-life," she said.

"Planned Parenthood has lobbied against a woman's opportunity to look at an ultrasound before she makes an incredibly difficult choice to end the unborn life within her," said the former Hewlett-Packer CEO.

"And yet they are using that same technology to harvest body parts, which they claim are not a life, in order to sell them to save another life," said the Republican candidate. "It's unbelievably hypocritical and I find it astounding that anyone can defend it."

Fiorina has been an outspoken critic of both Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton's policy positions and the controversies that have dogged the early days of her campaign.

Jess McIntosh, vice president of the pro-choice group Emily's List, defended Planned Parenthood's policy of potentially altering abortion methods in order to donate fetal tissue. She claimed the videos, that show high level Planned Parenthood executives haggling over prices, were selectively edited.

But Fiorina slammed the pro-choice group for focusing on editing.

"I find it fascinating that Planned Parenthood, Emily's List and all the rest of the pro-abortion lobby are suddenly so concerned about a heavily edited video," she said. "I don't recall them ever being concerned about a heavily-edited video of, say, Mitt Romney at a fundraiser."

"Of course they're trying to change the subject," Fiorina added.