Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina has the news media "flummoxed," and that's a good thing, according to her campaign manager.

In an email to supporters on Monday, Frank Sadler, who's running Fiorina's bid for the White House, said the former Hewlett-Packard CEO is gaining momentum in the race and cited her relationship with the "liberal media" as proof.

"Carly has the liberal media flummoxed," Sadler wrote. "They want so badly to write her off as they have so many other conservative women, but Carly will not fit their narrative. She is proudly pro-life and pro-feminism, which just confuses Cosmo[politan magazine]."

The note went on to cite Fiorina's interviews with Yahoo News anchor Katie Couric, late-night TV host Seth Meyers, and Whoopi Goldberg on ABC's "The View."

"They can't ignore her foreign policy experience and they can't mock her tech background," the letter said. "Even the folks at MSNBC are starting (begrudgingly) to admit that she might just be the real thing — an articulate, fearless, conservative woman who terrifies the Clinton camp and won't let the liberal media put her in a box."

The letter also touts the $1.4 million Fiorina raised since she launched her campaign in May, although that's far less than competitors such as Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

Fiorina is also currently trailing most of the GOP presidential field in national polls, largely due to a lack of name recognition. Of the candidates who have announced their White House ambitions (which does not include Gov. Scott Walker), Fiorina is in 11th place, according to the Real Clear Politics average of national polls.