We don’t know if it’s the complexity of the corn dogs, or the piquancy of the pepperoni pizza. But in one more sign that the Washington area is becoming a haven for foodies, Fairfax County was named the School Nutrition Association’s District of the Year.

And in fact, corn dogs and greasy pizza might be utterly passe for Fairfax kids. Instead, the district’s “Give Me 5! Colors that Jive!” (try to say it out loud without wanting a carrot) program introduces students to “new and unfamiliar fruits and vegetables each month,” like jicama, butternut squash and sweet potato wedges. In addition, whole grains take the place of … half grains? And low-fat dairy trumps delicious milkfat.

One can only imagine these youngsters must fight the urge to dance daily through the cafeteria line.

Parents can get in on the fun with the school system’s online videos and “Healthy Snacks Calculator.” And they can inquire of their child’s fat and calorie intake each day thanks to the district’s policy of posting nutrition information in the serving lines. (Insert warning here about how eating disorders begin.)

The district received a $25,000 reward for the honor, to go toward further improvements.