Women Vote Trump super PAC co-founder Kathryn Serkes on Friday dismissed decades old domestic violence charges against Trump campaign manager Steve Bannon as "nothing."

"This kind of burns me up when I see these types of things coming out because they had to look long and hard and many years back to find something of which he was not convicted. It turned out to be nothing," said Serkes during an appearence on CSPAN Friday, which is Women's Equality Day.

According to The New York Times, Bannon was accused in 1996 by his then-wife Mary Louise Piccard of threatening her if she testified against him, after he allegedly assaulted her during their marriage. Bannon was accused of domestic violence, battery and attempting to persuade her not to report a crime to the authorities, but the case was dropped after Piccard failed to show up to court.

Serkes said she wished the media would put the same amount of effort into investigating former President Bill Clinton, who has been accused of predatory behavior towards women.

"I wish that the press would do the same investigating, if they are going to talk about sexual behavior or actions towards women to somebody who is a campaign person," she said. "All we have to do is look at the potential first gentleman if you want to start to talk about sexual escapades and treatment of women, and there's no comparison between what's more important."

Serkes concluded that everyone has something in their personal history they regret.

"We all have things in our past we probably aren't proud of, that weren't our best moments. If you want to research any person on the planet you can find something," she said.