It all started with politics, as most endeavors do in the nation's capital. But designer Rochelle Behrens' Shirt has made it all the way to Oprah Winfrey's list of Fashion Must-Haves for 2011. "It's a mix of excitement and panic to be showcased on Oprah's show," Behrens told Yeas & Nays as her product appeared on national television on Thursday. "But it's like a dream come true." Behrens, a former White House intern, came up with the new twist on the simple button-down shirt after being frustrated with the poor fit of her blouse. Tired of tops not fitting a woman's bust line and the struggle of pinning down the peekaboo part, she decided to create a patent-pending technology that eliminates the embarrassing and exposing gap.

Behrens, who is now a full-time fashionista, said she expects there will be an uptick in sales of her product as a result of Oprah's show. "We noticed a lot of Web site activity right after the show aired in Chicago," she said.

The Shirt will be available at Bloomingdales stores across the country in February. It is currently available on Behrens' site in five colors: white, black, gray, red and navy. Behrens said she intends to expand into different fabrics, colors and styles.

Behrens told us she invented the Shirt out of necessity. "I think when women try on the Shirt, they won't be able to go back," she said.