The world is on the brink of the abyss, and Donald Trump has the Churchillian qualities needed to guide America through these dark times, or so says Jerry Falwell Jr.

The Liberty University president explained in an op-ed published by the Washington Post that President Obama's disastrous policies, coupled with feckless Republican leadership, have brought America to a terrible crossroads.

And Donald Trump wants to take voters down the path of salvation.

"We have lived through nearly eight years of weak leadership from a president who did not sign the charter to create the Islamic State but whose policies had the intended or unintended effect (we will be debating that for decades) of breathing life into the lungs of the terrorist group," Falwell wrote.

"All of this was enabled by a feckless establishment Republican Congress," he said.

Obama and Clinton's domestic and foreign policies have been so catastrophic, in fact, that the world now looks like it did on the eve of World War II, he continued.

"We could be on the precipice of international conflict like nothing we have seen since World War II. Obama and Clinton are the Neville Chamberlains of our time," Falwell wrote.

But Trump, he says, can turn it around.

"Thank God we now have the opportunity to elect a strong leader, one who is not afraid to call the enemy by its name and to take the battle to that enemy if necessary," he wrote.

The message, then, is clear: The world is collapsing, and Americans must get behind Trump.

"We are at a crossroads where our first priority must be saving our nation. We need a leader with qualities that resemble those of Winston Churchill, and I believe that leader is Donald Trump," Falwell argued. "As Churchill did, Trump possesses the resolve to put his country first and to never give up in a world that is increasingly hostile to our values.

"Despite our differences, Americans from all walks of life must unite behind Trump and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence or suffer dire consequences," he added.

Fawell's full-throated endorsement this week for Trump comes months after he formally announced his support for the GOP nominee.

Shortly after the Post published the op-ed, Trump signaled his appreciation on social media.

"Thank you [Jerry Falwell] – will see you soon," he said on Twitter.