First the bees are dying off, now the birds. Is this some message about sex education? 

Scientists have been tracking honey bee colony rates for the past few years. Bees have been dying off at alarming rates, which experts attribute to pesticides, "reduced genetic diversity," stress, and even cell phone radiation

When thousands of birds dropped from the Arkansas sky on New Years Eve, residents immediately began to question the link these birds' health might have to humans'. 

Scientists ultimately blamed the birds' death on "severe trauma," probably due to the effect nearby fireworks' had on the birds' stress levels. 

Needless to say, it doesn't take long before the inexplicable gets animated. See the above video for a Chinese cartoon of birds dropping like flies. Be sure to catch the punster cat animating the conception of American cops everywhere: It's murder, most...fowl.


Or check out the Audubon Society's more introspective take on the falling birds, with president David Yarnold waxing poetic about our feathered friends here.