Fairfax County lawyer, activist and self-proclaimed "longtime troublemaker" Marc Greidinger has entered the race for Braddock District county supervisor. The Democrat will run against Republican incumbent John Cook.

Greidinger backs raising taxes in order to support what he believes are community priorities: salary raises for teachers and emergency personnel; more support for affordable housing; and enthusiastic backing of environmental initiatives such as stringent pollution controls for runoff into the Chesapeake Bay.

"If John Cook had his way, a lot of our services would be taken away," Greidinger said, citing Cook's tepid support for the budget priorities of County Chairman Sharon Bulova.

Cook, a small-government fiscal conservative, has criticized the county's approach to affordable housing, saying it subsidizes the middle class while sapping money from those who are in the direst situations.

Greidinger also poked at Cook's "part-time" status on the board while he has maintained his position as founding partner of a Fairfax law firm.

"John is a very good lawyer, and I hope he'll be able to spend more time doing that," Greidinger said.

Braddock is the second of Fairfax's eight districts to become competitive in advance of November's countywide elections. Republican Dennis Husch filed earlier this month to run against Dranesville Supervisor John Foust.