Fairfax County parents are in favor of bumping up the school calendar to start classes before Labor Day, and frankly, we could not be less surprised: those little monsters haven't been in school since Tuesday, thanks to snow and teachers' professional days, and their parents must be cracking. Stay strong, McLean mothers and Franconia fathers!

We kid of course (your kids are awesome!), but 64 percent of 10,687 parents who responded to a survey from the school system said they support pushing the school calendar up. Of 12,562 school employees,  71 percent said the same — bring on fall 2011.

“There are several reasons to open schools before Labor Day, the most important of which is to provide additional instructional time for teachers and students before Standards of Learning (SOL) testing takes place,” Superintendent Jack Dale said. “Our parents and employees are solidly behind making this change. It’s time for the state to address the wishes of our community to start school earlier.”

Virginia requires school districts to submit a waiver to the state if they want to start school before September's long weekend. Two bills to repeal this law died in subcomittee earlier this month.

Sounds like a waiver's being drafted...