Their ‘Netroots’ that is. . . Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have both committed to appear at Netroots Nation next week in Las Vegas.

Netroots Nation (formerly YearlyKos) is one of the largest gathering of liberal and progressive bloggers and online activists and a huge draw for Democratic politicians.

Greg Sargent notes that this is the first time that the leaders of both the House and Senate Dems will appear together at the netroots gathering in the same year.

Both were scheduled to appear at the convention in 2007 but President George Bush forced Congress to stay in session over a tough vote on FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) legislation, effectively canceling their appearance.

The FISA vote passed during the convention enraging attendees that faulted Democrats for their weakness in opposing Bush.

Back then, the progressives felt cheated, because many Democrats voted for the FISA extension and couldn’t stop the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Now that FISA still exists (after Obama voted for another extension in 2008) and Democrats are running both of the wars, how will the Netroots respond?