Facing questions about his ties to Indiana as he seeks to return to the Senate, former Sen. Evan Bayh was unable to correctly state his Indiana address.

During an interview over the weekend with WISH-TV in Lafayette, Ind., Bayh incorrectly stated his address, which he told the station he stays at "all the time" and "frequently."

"1142 [Unit] C, uh, Canterbury Court, Indianapolis, Indiana," Bayh responded. "It's on my driver's license."

However, according to Independent Journal Review, the former governor's residence is actually on Canterbury Square. The address he gave to WISH-TV is reportedly down the street from his residence.

Since surprisingly announcing his run in mid-July, Bayh has been hounded by allegations of abandoning the state he served as governor and senator for Washington, D.C., where he owns two multi-million dollar homes. These charges were furthered last week when CNN reported that he has been labeled an "inactive" voter twice dating back to 2014.

Only four years ago, former Sen. Richard Lugar came under fire for similar charges after it emerged that he did not own a house in the Hoosier State. He went on to lose the Republican primary to Richard Mourdock.

Bayh is currently running against GOP Rep. Todd Young, who he leads by 7 points, according to the most recent poll by Monmouth University.