ESPN reporter and "Dancing with the Stars" contestant Erin Andrews wasn't exactly eager to talk about her harrowing ordeal with a stalker on Capitol Hill on Tuesday.

"Can we just talk about the Vikings?" the ESPN reporter said, taking the podium and eying up Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., who had just been praising her home state's NFL team. "That's a lot easier for me to talk about."

Andrews then, at times getting emotional, discussed what it was like to be stalked by a Chicago man for 18 months, filmed nude in her hotel room and then have the video posted online for all the world to see.

"He's going to jail for a little over two years, but the video on the Internet will be there for the rest of my life," she said. "I have to explain that video to the kids I have one day, to the husband I have one day."

Andrews held a press conference to voice her support for the Simplifying the Ambiguous Law, Keeping Everyone Reliably Safe Act of 2010 (that spells STALKERS, for those not paying attention), which was introduced in the House last week by Rep. Loretta Sanchez, D-Calif. Klobuchar is sponsoring a companion bill in the Senate. The law would clarify and modernize current federal law and, potentially, be used as a model for revising state stalker laws as well.

In addition to telling her story, Andrews explained her reasoning for appearing on "Dancing with the Stars."

"If I didn't do the show because I was worried what people thought about me, what kind of message does that give to other targets of stalking?" she mused. She also said it exposed her to a different demographic.

"Women didn't really know too much about me, but I thought by being on 'Dancing with the Stars,' they watch that show, I could give a face to stalking, and they could say this is big-time and we have to support it," she said.