A day after Donald Trump admitted that he regrets past comments on the campaign trail, his son Eric lauded the move and said that he is a big fan of the "humble Trump" that appeared in Charlotte, N.C., on Thursday.

The real estate mogul will likely "admit that he's strayed" on occasion, especially when he gets "passionate" about various topics, Eric Trump said on Fox News.

"The room went crazy, and yeah I did, but the room went crazy. I really like humble Trump and that's what I saw last night. That's the father I know," Trump told host Bill Hemmer.

"I think he feels it. He's a passionate guy. He's a guy who cares deeply," Eric Trump said. "I think he'll admit that he's strayed. He goes out there and he gets passionate. He's not reading off of a teleprompter 99 percent of the time like all of these other politicians are ... He's out there every single day and he has strayed, and he admitted it last night, and I think that was great."

He also said his father was referring to multiple instances in the campaign, including past remarks about his 2016 GOP primary opponents and the family of slain Army Capt. Humayun Khan. Trump feuded with Khizr Khan and his family after Khan's speech before the Democratic National Convention.

"Maybe a little bit of all. I think there's a lot of controversies over the course of the campaign that have been totally taken out of context and I think last night he admitted that there were probably some times where he stepped a little bit over that line," Eric Trump said. "It's cool that he toned it back."

"That's the father I know. He's an amazing man and he's got a heart of gold," Trump added. "I've seen that my whole life and that's what you saw last night, and I think people are going to see a lot more of that."