Donald Trump's son, Eric, said Tuesday that he agrees with campaign manager Kellyanne Conway and wishes his father would keep his focus on Hillary Clinton rather than individuals in the media.

Trump told "Kilmeade and Friends" host Brian Kilmeade that he agrees with Conway's comments to Fox News' Megyn Kelly on Monday night, who said that if it was up to her, "he's in a tennis match with Hillary Clinton" and he wouldn't be "picking a fight with the ref," referring to the media and more specifically "Morning Joe" hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. The GOP nominee tweeted Monday morning that he plans to "tell the real story" of the two, referring to Brzezinski as Scarborough's "very insecure long-time girlfriend."

"I do agree with Kellyanne last night in that the tennis match and the whole thing is pointing at Hillary," Eric Trump told Kilmeade, before defending his father's tweets and bashing the "level of corruption" in the media. "One of the problems, quite frankly — no disrespect to anybody, but with the 24-hour news cycle, everybody has to be a little bit more sensational to last.

"I think you have shows that try and bolster their ratings by going after my father, and you certainly see that on that channel. There's also people that my father's been close to in the past and has known for a long time and I think he takes certain things personally," Eric Trump said.

"We've known them for a really long time, so I think there's a difference between honest reporting, and I think that's very, very important, versus dishonest reporting," Eric Trump said. "Again, my father's a fighter and he doesn't like injustice and I think he'd be the first person to say 'maybe I should let certain things roll off my chest,' but I think he would 100 percent be the first one to say that, but I think sometimes he takes that personally and I give him a lot of credit for standing up for himself."

After the "Morning Joe" hosts made some comments critical of Donald Trump on Monday morning, he fired off a pair of tweets, one of which also referred to Brzezinski as "off the wall" and "neurotic," adding that she and Scarborough are "two clowns!"