Eric Trump, the son of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, on Monday said that the world has descended into anarchy and he blamed policies put in place under for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

"It's anarchy, it's anarchy," said Trump. "And quite frankly," he told WTVN of Columbus, Ohio, "Hillary's policies created so much of this."

In helping the campaign turn away from the controversy over Donald Trump's reaction to the father of a Muslim American soldier killed in Iraq, Eric Trump said the debate should be on how the world became more dangerous in recent years.

Talking to morning host Joel Riley, Eric Trump said, "It's her foreign policy that caused the destabilization in the Middle East. Syria's a disaster, Libya is a total disaster, Iraq is a breeding ground for terrorists, and all the while we spent trillions and trillions of dollars of our taxpayer's dollars, it costs us thousands and thousands of lives, [Army Capt. Humayun] Khan obviously being one of them, all because of reckless foreign policy in places that we shouldn't have been in."

Instead he suggested that the administration should have spent the money rebuilding American infrastructure.

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