Former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor wants Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to be more consistent in his support of Israel.

In an interview with the Jerusalem Post, Cantor called Trump — in addition to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton — "very imperfect." But, he reiterated his support for the GOP's nominee.

"This is a race between two candidates now, and I will continue to support the Republican candidate," said Cantor, who was the only Jewish Republican in Congress before losing his seat in a 2014 primary.

When asked about Trump's unpredictability and if he would maintain a new United States defense package to Israel, Cantor expressed concern.

"He has been very inconsistent in many of the things that he has said," Cantor explained. "I want to see that clarity as far as Israel is concerned — an America that has its back and is leading. I want to see him say that."

Cantor added that he would like to see the consistency for Israel by Trump in a way similar to how he has "taken against ISIS."

Republicans have a chance to win over American Jewish voters, Cantor explained, claiming the Obama administration has not handled relations well with Israel.

"I do think that over the last eight years, the American Jewish community has seen a president that at times has been openly hostile to the leader of the Jewish state and has certainly at times crossed a line in its negotiations with the Iran deal," Cantor said. "So I do believe this year presents an opportunity for the Republican Party to make some gains."

Statistics show that there has been a drop in Jewish support between President Obama's 2008 and 2012 elections.

Cantor is now the vice chairman of a New York-based investment bank, Moelis & Company.