Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz doesn't have a problem with the way a TV reporter confronted President Obama over Americans held captive by the Iranian government.

Thursday on SiriusXM's "The Michael Smerconish Program," Moniz said the now notorious exchange between CBS News' Major Garrett and Obama was okay by him.

"I've got questions, but they'll be framed in a nicer tone than Major Garrett," host Michael Smerconish said to Moniz.

"Okay. Very good," Moniz replied. "Actually, Major was fine with me, actually."

Smerconish went on to say Garrett's tone was inappropriate for the moment.

During a press conference Wednesday, Garrett asked Obama why he was "content" to make a deal with Iran over the Tehran's nuclear development program, even though it excluded the release of Americans held captive by the Iranian government.

The president let out a small laugh before saying that "nobody's content" and told Garrett he "should know better."

Garrett's question was cheered by Obama critics, while others dubbed it disrespectful. Garrett later admitted he was intentionally provocative.