Previously undisclosed emails indicate the Crown Prince Salman of Bahrain sought an audience with Hillary Clinton in 2009 through his connections to the Clinton Foundation after he was denied access through the "normal channels."

The emails, made public Monday in a batch of records obtained by conservative-leaning Judicial Watch, show longtime aide Huma Abedin coordinated with Doug Band, then an employee of the Clinton Foundation, to secure a meeting with Salman and Clinton in June 2009.

Band stressed that Salman was a "good friend of ours." The Kingdom of Bahrain has given up to $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation.

Abedin said Clinton was initially reluctant to commit to the meeting "until she knows how she will feel" on the day Salman requested an appointment.

The email chain was just the latest record to show the special access that was afforded to Clinton Foundation donors by Clinton's State Department staff.

In another exchange from Abedin's private inbox, Band asked the Clinton aide to intervene on behalf of a wealthy foundation donor whose client was struggling to obtain a visa for an upcoming trip to Las Vegas.

The client, whose identity was redacted by the State Department, had apparently failed to secure a needed interview with the visa section of the U.S. embassy in London due to a "criminal charge."

Abedin told Band her office could potentially "help with the interview."

The conversations published Monday were provided to the State Department by Abedin, the only Clinton aide known to have hosted her communications on the "" system.

More than a dozen chains were not included in the batch of records Clinton submitted, even though she affirmed under oath that she turned over all work-related records.

Other emails made public this month by Judicial Watch suggested foundation donors enjoyed private meetings, job opportunities and even fast-tracked contracts from the administration while Clinton served as secretary of state.