Jesus Alfredo Guzman, the son of Mexican drug cartel leader Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, was kidnapped from a restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Monday morning, a Jalisco official confirmed to reporters Tuesday evening.

Guzman, 29, is the drug lord's youngest child, and was among six men abducted from La Leche, an upscale restaurant in the internationally known resort town.

"At this moment, we have identified four of the kidnapped," Almaguer said, "one of them being Jesus Alfredo Guzman."

Witnesses said seven armed men stormed the restaurant, dividing the nine women at breakfast from the men. The six men were then taken away. Police say they have not received calls from those who know the missing, likely because bringing law enforcement into cartel wars is typically not a part of negotiations in Mexico.

"It is important to note that at this moment, we have not received any complaints or calls from any part of the missing and at the same time, we have also not received any calls from anyone that indicates that there is anyone asking the organization regarding anyone," Almaguer said.

Mexican officials, including the army, federal police, state police and the country's prosecutors are working on the case.

El Chapo previously lost a son in cartel violence nearly a decade earlier. Edgar Beltran Guzman was fatally shot in a Mexican shopping mall parking lot in 2008.