Thank God for Ed Schultz. Well, sort of. Almost.

On his radio show yesterday, Jack Coleman of Newsbusters dutifully reports, he announced that all of this business about heated political rhetoric and the Tucson assassination attempt is nonsense, and that he's going to be the same old angry liberal bomb-thrower he's always been:

Folks, let me tell you something, I'm making this announcement right away. We are not changing "The Ed Show" on MSNBC. As long as they open their mouths over there on the right, we will continue to have the segment called Psycho Talk. Because that's exactly what it is. And as soon as they say that they're not going to vote to repeal health care, then I'll make some changes. ... Last night on "The Ed Show" on MSNBC, I said that the fault of this horrific event in Tucson was that of the shooter. That's it. But now we spin off into the blame game about the rhetoric. And now there's announcements on a morning show on MSNBC that we have to tone it down. No one has told me to tone anything down. No one's, I have not gotten a directive from the president of MSNBC. I have not gotten a directive from anybody associated with this radio show. So, today I'm announcing, it's still Ed! And these people are ruthless in my opinion. Just look at their votes! Look at their policy! ...

Considering the fact that we have a long tradition in this country, going all the way back to the founding, of burning our leaders in effigy, I applaud this sentiment. He was really on the verge of making a good point, and then....well, unfortunately, he basically proceded to blame Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin for the shooting, albeit indirectly. Read the whole thing here.