Footnote on “day two” of the convention. I was struck by the lengthy introduction Republican State Chairman Ed Cox delivered when New York was called on to cast its votes for president. He noted, among other things, that Republicans captured more Democratic House seats in 2010 than any other state.

Turns out it was improvised. Cox told me later when I saw him on the floor that he was outside the hall around 5:00 when he was called and told by the Romney people that he would be called on soon. Then before he got up, they told him to stretch it out. I’m guessing they wanted the roll call to be finished a little after 6:00 so it would be live on Bret Baier’s Fox Special Report and it would be ready for the broadcast networks' 6:30 newscasts.Cox, as many readers know, is the son-in-law of Richard Nixon, the only man nominated for national office five times by the Republican party. A bit of history is never out of place in a convention blogpost.