You may have read about Joshua Hopkins, the Capitol Hill intern and D.C. college student who was gunned down over the weekend.

You may have read that Hopkins was trying to rebuild his life and how he had “overcome a lot of obstacles.”

Here’s what that means: In 2008, Hopkins was arrested for destruction of property, a source familiar with his background told The Washington Examiner. He was sentenced to the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services until he turned 21.

He is now at least the fifth DYRS ward to have been killed while under the agency’s “supervision” since the beginning of the year. (Another nine DYRS kids have been accused of murder themselves.)

When the bodies were piling up earlier this year, DYRS officials claimed that, while they were surely worried about youth violence, college-bound kids like Hopkins were proof that DYRS’ commitment to “community based” reform was working.

Meanwhile, we’re still waiting for a look at the results of Attorney General Peter Nickles “investigation” of what’s gone wrong at DYRS.