After its 3-2 win over Uruguay in the World Cup semifinals, the Netherlands has the luxury of an extra day of rest as it watches Germany and Spain play in the other semifinal on Wednesday. So which team would the Dutch rather play?

The perfect scenario for the Netherlands would be to beat Germany and exact revenge for a 2-1 defeat in the 1974 World Cup final. The dynamic Dutch, propelled by Johan Cruyff, were heavily favored, but fell to their methodical neighbors to the east, led by Franz Beckenbauer.

But does the Netherlands really want to face a German powerhouse that has handed a 4-1 defeat to England and a 4-0 defeat to Argentina?

With three World Cup victories, Germany also has pedigree. Spain has never played in a World Cup final.

Stylistically, Spain could provide a more entertaining championship match, however. While the Germans are expert at absorbing pressure and counterattacking, the Spaniards, who are loaded in the midfield, prefer a more free-flowing, end-to-end attack.