Cheeseburger run? (telstar logistics)

We weren't even going to write about this today, for two reasons: First, it's too easy. Second, we fear the jinx. There is a deep superstition among the White House press corps that when you write about certain things, the White House finds a way to rain down misery on your head, and you only end up hurting yourself.

Example: Someone once wrote a pool report about the availability of R-rated movies on Air Force One, specifically, "Not Another Teen Movie." The item got picked on blogs, in other newspapers, cable shows, blab blab blab. OMG! R-rated movies on the presidential aircraft! Subsequently, the on-board movie choices were downgraded to PG or heavily edited for content. Thanks, dude!

There is also a tale -- told in hushed tones around the briefing room -- that the last time some annoying know-it-all wrote about the excessive motorcading habits of the presidency, the three press pool vans in the motorcade were condensed into two. Now we all cram in on top of each other, trying to remember who felt the need to do that story.

Which brings us to this, from the AP:

President Barack Obama wants federal workers to cut down on business travel and commuting by car as he seeks to reduce heat-trapping emissions produced by the federal government.

The White House was announcing Tuesday that the government will aim to reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions from indirect sources like employee driving by 13 percent in 2020, compared with 2008 levels.

Sigh. Eat healthier, say the Obamas -- as the president scarfs pastry and cheeseburgers. Vacation in the Gulf States, they say as they head off to Maine. Drive less and reduce pollution, they say as the 17-car motorcade travels four blocks to a speech.

We are now going into hiding.