The garbage truck driver who struck and killed a bicyclist in Dupont Circle in 2008 has been sentenced to two years and seven months in prison for illegally re-entering the United States after having been deported for an aggravated felony.

Marco Rosendo Flores-Fuentes, 48, was deported to Mexico in 1994 after serving more than two years in prison for a marijuana importation and distribution conviction. He illegally re-entered the United States a few years later, court records say.

Flores-Fuentes was driving at 20th and R streets NW when his garbage truck fatally hit 22-year-old Alice Swanson on July 8, 2008. Authorities say he had used false immigration documents to get a job as a driver for kmG Hauling, a Virginia garbage-collection comapny.

His criminal history and illegal status came to light in a civil lawsuit filed by Swanson’s mother.

Flores-Fuentes was picked up by immigration authorties in July 2010. He was charged with illegal re-entry in August and pleaded guilty in October. He was not criminally charged in connection with the crash. The civil suit was settled out of court with a non-disclosure agreement.