Dozens of House Republicans on Monday called on Attorney General Loretta Lynch to open an investigation into whether Planned Parenthood is profiting from the sale of fetal tissue or fetal organs.

The request was made after two videos were released that seem to show Planned Parenthood officials talking about how they price out fetal tissue donations. It's unclear from the videos if the group is profiting from those donations, which would be illegal, but officials seem to indicate that this might be happening.

"The harvesting of human fetal body parts for sale is an activity which shocks the conscience," wrote 135 members, led by Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn. "Moreover, the tragic ethical considerations, potential for criminal violations, and involvement of taxpayer subsidies raise issues of great public importance."

"As a result, we request the Department of Justice to conduct an immediate and thorough investigation into the practices of PPFA regarding the sale of fetal body parts," they said.

Last week, Lynch said she was looking into the matter. But she has also been approached by Democrats who are asking her to investigate the group that set up the video without telling the Planned Parenthood officials.

Read their letter here: